‘A professionally presented stand with noticeable attention to detail. A lot of effort and thought has gone in to this engaging presentation of product design, which has successfully been translated into their physical space.’

New Designers Judges.


We Individually Exhibited as part of the university of Dundee’s product design course at New Designers, London 2014. Along side this we played a fundamental role in the design and build of the exhibition space which went on to win the award for ‘Best Stand’ and attract widespread media attention.

After securing a number of sponsorships which included Plumen Bulbs and Brewdog beer, we began to spearhead a well executed design and build operation, creating a space to display almost 50 students individual projects.

Steve Swantons project tackled the growing issue of Seasonal Affective Disorder with his ‘LUX’ lamp.

Jack Fishers project ‘FURNIFY’ challenged environmental issues with his furniture range created entirely from waste materials.

Francis Munnochs ‘Rustoration’ machine, boasted the importance of re-use and up cycling by de-rusting and restoring old bike parts.

The space itself was a unique design, displaying projects under Plumen bulbs hanging from a wooden framework that ran around the whole room. The students presented their creations on unusual plinths that were an attraction in themselves. The main buzz of the exhibition was around a huge ‘feature wall’ showing initial sketches and early prototypes on a vivid pink background. The most important thing for us was continuity around the space, with everyones projects being displayed in the same format whilst still being visually engaging. This provided for an attractive, solid design that we are proud to have won the award with.

Design blog 'Arts Thread' spoke to us at the event: