"Stockbridge now boasts Scotland’s first “cat cafe” – Maison de Moggy, in Hamilton Place, which is inspired by hugely popular ventures in Japan where visitors can spend an hour cuddling kittens over a cup of tea. Feline lovers are asked to remove their shoes and sanitise their hands before heading into the cat’s quirky playground at Maison de Moggy, which was dreamed up by Leith-based design studio SPLINTR."

- Edinburgh News


SPLINTR was commissioned to design and build the interior of Scotland's first Cat Cafe, ‘Maison de Moggy’, in the Stockbridge area of the city.

The idea of Maison de Moggy is that customers can come enjoy a coffee while interacting with the 12 resident cats. The cats have various things to keep them occupied around the cafe like pitched roof sleeping houses mounted on the walls, walkways, rope bridges and a huge central column with stairs, stepping stones, balconies and chill areas that they can scale, hide in, walk through and climb on top of. This creates a dynamic, exciting and interactive experience that is so different to most cafes, allowing not only cats to play, but humans too.