Home Group

“Home Group is a social enterprise and a charity and is one of the UKs largest providers of high quality housing, integrated housing, health and social care. Home Group's role is to provide general needs housing, supported housing services, and home ownership options targeted towards helping some of society’s most vulnerable people take control of their own lives.”

Home Group contacted SPLINTR to help them design a fast track refurbishment of their reception and break-out area. Once the project reached the fabrication stage, a tight deadline of just six weeks was set, in order to minimise disruption to the business. The brief was to help the organisation move away from it’s current corporate aesthetic towards a more comforting and relaxing one to help it’s employees and customers alike feel more at home. 

Inspired by the creative open plan hubs of startup offices which encourage the constant use of a space, SPLINTR created a vibrant and engaging environment that is inviting and stimulating enough to encourage its users to inhabit it throughout the day. The design considered the space as one harmonious environment, all of whose parts combine to serve the same vision, integrate well with each other and facilitate convenient passage to the other parts. Through the introduction of a more considered palette of colours, textures and materials the redesign brings warmth into the family home. An eclectic mix of unique, mis-matched, shabby and up-cycled elements creates a ‘lived-in’ homely, yet stylised aesthetic that will help to encourage all-day use of the various zones within the space.

HG office 2 20.11.18 107 final.jpg
HG Office 20.11.18 132 final.jpg
HG office 2 20.11.18 012 final.jpg
HG Office 20.11.18 114 final.jpg
HG Office 20.11.18 039 final.jpg
HG Office 20.11.18 177 final.jpg
HG Office 20.11.18 198 final.jpg
HG office 2 20.11.18 081 final.jpg
HG Office 20.11.18 167 final.jpg
HG office 2 20.11.18 123 final.jpg